The business side of writing

From the books I’ve read and the blogs I’ve come across, whenever the business side of writing is discussed it is briefly touched upon.

Naturally, the topics range from writing query letters to communicating with your agent. There’s a lot of talk about how the publishing industry is changing and how it’s affecting writers. People from the business side mention its good for writers to keep up to date with the industry.

But no one is putting it into context for a writer.

I figure this is where I can be some assistance. I’ve been meaning to research the changes and the major players of the publishing world. I’d break down what it means on the business side of things and how does it affect you, the reader, who can be another writer, business person or someone just interested in this.

Before continuing, I’d like to establish my credibility. I am a business student currently pursuing my PhD. Besides my business degrees (undergrad and masters), I do have international work experience and for a long time had to self-teach myself the craft of writing while doing all the ‘real life stuff’. I’m still learning but I want to expand my horizons and connect to readers around the world.

And give something back which is what I hope this sub-series of the blog can do for everyone.

So what should we call this project?


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