New year’s resolutions, catching up and all that jazz!

Guten Tag!

No, I’m not in Germany. But a friend of mine linked me to a website which takes an innovative approach to learning:

I decided to get back to my Mandarin and move my ass and learn German while I’m at it.

I missed studying Mandarin and felt like I ‘wasted’ all the effort I put into it a couple of years back while I was in China.

As for German, it’s been a lovingly nagging thing-to-learn-but-never-get-around-to-it-sorta-issue. So I decided Memrise was a good start to start the habit of studying on a daily basis along with some of my books.

I’ve set up my account and I’m Writing-Ladders on the website, so feel free to add me!

As for the publishing news, I purchased a writing magazine and will start writing up a post about the publishing industry.

Lastly, the actual writing experiment. I’m planning to write a ‘chapter’ for each month until July-ish. The reason being is I have several assignments due this semester (actually submitted one before the weekend, thus the late post) and have to begin working on my literature review this year.

Hope you had a good new year’s!


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