What every writer should sleep next to

You see this?

Your new Teddy Bears

Your new Teddy Bears

You will kick out your teddy bears, hot boy/girl friend and sleep next to this. You will eat dinner with these books, you will compliment them on their covers matching their inner beauty, you will take them out to a cafe or library while you write and you will keep all your promises about being in a committed reading relationship.

Donald Maass’s book and workbook are extremely useful in uncovering the potential of your novel. These books will help you overcome what you are afraid to write and shock your readers. In a good, not deranged we’re-going-to-hunt-you-down-Mr/Miss-author way.

But its easy to be overwhelmed about what you should do with your characters in your novel. After I read the book, I felt that I needed my characters to do every little thing Maass mentioned on every single page of my manuscript. My advice is to practice using short stories and get a feel for your own voice.


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