Nostalgia Critic best sums up Twilight

A blogger discussing Twilight these days is as old of tale as “Once a upon a time, an internet troll started a flame war”. It’s a dangerous risky domain for any blogger to enter.

Proceed with Caution

I made this sign 😀 I’m so proud!

But if you’re a MANLY blogger, you have to go. You have to get your numbers up. You have to piss off half the internet at one point in your blogging life. This doesn’t mean you can’t proceed with caution.

1001 things to do on the internet before you die: Contribute to the One does not simply Meme. CHECK!

1001 things to do on the internet before you die: #24 Contribute to the One does not simply Meme. CHECK!

Sooner or later I was bound to write about it and contribute to the discussion without sounding like the two most popular arguments:

I couldn't find a 'good' argument pic for Twilight

I couldn’t find a ‘good’ argument pic for Twilight. I don’t want to try too hard.

The only argument I can find for the ‘good’ part is the usual escapism stuff.

Yes, we know, we know:

Twilight is popular and the sales figures speak for themselves.

Twilight is bad because it sets women back 100 years (I agree).

All these arguments have been said and written, discussed and fought over long before a certain blogger decided to enter the scene.

Before I go on, I’d like you to watch Nostalgia Critic’s short editorial piece on Twilight

I’ll just…help myself to avoiding my PhD work in the meantime.

How to avoid PhD work


I agree for the most part with the Nostalgia Critic. He mentions towards the end of the video that (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘for every moron that believes Twilight represents what life is, dozens are moving on’.

I don’t agree there Mr. Nostalgia Critic.

Last post I linked everyone to a certain book which discusses how media does affect young people.

Yes, people do move on and do change, however, people unconsciously believe what the media portrays there is some underlying truth applicable to their life.

Maybe you don’t believe me. Fair enough. So I’ll ask you this, just observe the people around you and yourself. Especially when it comes to their love life.


2 responses to “Nostalgia Critic best sums up Twilight

  • MishaBurnett

    I read the first two or three Twilight books because my eldest daughter was talking a lot about them, and I wanted to know what she was reading.

    Honestly, I still don’t see what has everybody so upset. I don’t see it as making pronouncements about how all male/female relationships should be. Reading it as a middle-aged man, what I see is a fantasy that most young people of either gender have–your own personal monster to protect you.

    Bella is the stereotypical lost kid–just moved to town, not attractive, not popular. She befriends the other outsiders and learns their secret and in so doing finds out that monsters are just people, too.

    I see this series as much more “Where The Wild Things Are” than “Lolita”. Edward is an eternal teenager–in fact that is one of the main issues, she will grow old and he won’t.

    Yes, sexual awakening is part of the storyline, it almost always is with YA fiction, because that’s what’s on the mind of YA reader. However the romantic angle, so far as I read in the series, is considerably more chaste than a lot of books targeted to this audience.

    I don’t understand the approbation that these books have garnered.

  • Writing Ladders

    I’ll try my best to answer your question!

    Firstly, there’s the vampire themselves. Many adaptations of Vampires take on their own ‘mythology’ so to speak of how Vampires are (can they turn into bats, etc). The Twilight series pretty much threw most of the common elements of the Vampire mythology out the window and expects to be taken seriously. People are used to seeing Vampires along the lines of Buffy, Blade, even True blood as the standard in media.

    Secondly, its the characters themselves. Bella and Edward are bland characters, or as the critic says ‘blank slates’. Bella lacks any motivations or anything outside getting a boyfriend. The book doesn’t create much of a unique heroine with any strong, unique characterizations. And Edward isn’t any better. This second point can be argued longer than a PhD thesis paper. But this is basically the gist of it.

    This second problem also pours into the third which is…

    The fangirls reaction to the book. When the fangirls of Twilight went around the internet saying how Twilight was better than Harry Potter…well that started an internet war. Any statement, public figure commenting on the books, just about anything just fueled the internet wars of Twilight.

    Stephen King commented on the matter too:

    Between that and the movies, the internet had a nuclear meltdown of twilight fans vs non-fans regarding the quality of the story, structure and characters.

    If I could break it down statistically, its 25% irritation over what the author did to the Vampire genre, 25% the lack of characterizations and story structure and 50% about the massive reactions on “how great it is”.

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