Batman: Why are we afraid to move on?



That is all. End of post, that’s all I need to say. Cause you know, he’s the god damn Batman!

Probably this character has been discussed so many times that any forum wars still going on probably reference to exact links to avoid the internet servers processing the same damn discussions over, and over and wait…..over again.

I’m not sure if my particular contribution to Batman has been done before, but I’ll give it a shot.

Most people prefer Batman given the fact he has no super powers and has taken a personal tragedy and transformed it into something else.

funny-batman-singing-meme-microphone-snowOkay, not that.

A while ago, I read Neil Gaiman’s comic “Whatever happened to the caped crusader?” thanks to this link. Warning spoilers kiddies!

The ending of the comic was a kickass concept but then I sat there for a moment and thought how depressing it was. I wanted Batman to continue being Batman no matter what, but for the rest of eternity and probably the universe, Bruce Wayne will exhaust every possible parallel universe version of himself. And to be honest, given how Bruce’s determination is borderline psychotic (probably…to some psychologists), the ending of the comic was quite fitting.

This brings the whole issue of superheroes to light. I never really got into comic books because of all the alternative storylines and universes that it got so damn confusing. I preferred watching Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League, Wolverine and the X-men, and more recent (and cancelled) Young Justice and the movies.

That does make me a hypocrite, yes, but I do enjoy my adaptations.

Any good adaptation of any of my favorite superheroes, I’ll be the first in line to watch. Any great new storylines and character interpretations? Hell, I was busy deciding whether or not I should make a formal presentation, complete with business jargon and audience demographic  information, politely explaining to Cartoon Network why they shouldn’t cancel Young Justice.

By polite, I mean raise an army of Geeks to defend the series continuation!

So why did you cancel my favorite superhero show?

So why did you cancel my favorite superhero show?


But then it hits you, like any good fan, I’m afraid to move on. There’s a sort of comfort knowing that Batman and some of the other popular superheroes will always be around in the cinema, comic books, and everything else to be updated. It works for Batman and the others, but not say for Naruto and other characters.

It’s all about the setup.

But anyone can argue that classics are re-made and interpreted for modern audiences, etc, etc, etc. All stories come to an end, etc, etc. And we’re fine for other stories to end like A Song of Ice and Fire, partially due to the setup and expectations but also its been established or ‘promised’ from the beginning (See Donald Maass’s books about author promises).

As I write this, I kind of figured out perhaps the real reason Batman or anyone else’s favorite superhero story will never truly have an end…


Is there an ending that will truly satisfy us or his legacy?


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