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Unexpected changes to…everything?

Hey guys,

University work has caught up with me, so planning/writing a full post at the moment is a bit tough. After my last deadline (another week and a half or so), I’ll be posting something up.

For now, I’ve been fairly active on Twitter. You know, annoying friends and creeping out celebrities.

Sorry for the lack of posting!



Back from the foxhole and onto posting! And Comic Con pictures

Hey guys,

Sorry I dropped off the face of the internet-sphere but real life had caught up with me! Next week I’ll be back to regular posting.

In the meantime, I got some comic-con pictures though I never actually managed to enter…The lines were way too long.


IMG_6743 IMG_6746 IMG_6720 IMG_6721 IMG_6742

New year’s resolutions, catching up and all that jazz!

Guten Tag!

No, I’m not in Germany. But a friend of mine linked me to a website which takes an innovative approach to learning:

I decided to get back to my Mandarin and move my ass and learn German while I’m at it.

I missed studying Mandarin and felt like I ‘wasted’ all the effort I put into it a couple of years back while I was in China.

As for German, it’s been a lovingly nagging thing-to-learn-but-never-get-around-to-it-sorta-issue. So I decided Memrise was a good start to start the habit of studying on a daily basis along with some of my books.

I’ve set up my account and I’m Writing-Ladders on the website, so feel free to add me!

As for the publishing news, I purchased a writing magazine and will start writing up a post about the publishing industry.

Lastly, the actual writing experiment. I’m planning to write a ‘chapter’ for each month until July-ish. The reason being is I have several assignments due this semester (actually submitted one before the weekend, thus the late post) and have to begin working on my literature review this year.

Hope you had a good new year’s!

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