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Pseudo Pornos, Lusty Undergrads and a bad Tv show: The unofficial tale of Sex and the City

Once a upon a time, when I was a wee undergrad, I wanted to watch a funny show. This was in the dark ages before the Big Bang Theory brought us hope and light.

Of finding funny tv-show

On finding funny TV-show

All my friends told me about this one series I should watch.

“Hey you should watch Sex and the City!” One said with glee. The other jumped in and agreed.


I was hesitant by the name and wondered what kind of game they were playing. After all, these were my friends, they watched Dexter and other shows we all liked. If Game of Thrones had been aired, we’d all be rejoicing how Viserys got his golden hair.


“Dear friends,” I asked, “it does not sound like something I’d watch.”

“OH!” the other jumped in. “For it is! It is about the stereotypes women have to deal with, ignore the title, that’s part of the issue,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I was convinced at that point and figured I should give it a try. They love Dexter, I kept telling myself.

I couldn't help bringing in two of my favorite references

I couldn’t help bringing in two of my favorite references

They lent me the first DVD and said the beginning was poor.

“But that is to be expected, for this was their pilot!” I nodded at my friend. Some shows need to get their ground before coming around to great rating expectations.

“How many episodes shall I watch then?” I questioned examining the DVD. I had a feeling I should throw it away, but I thought maybe it was just my dismay at the title.

“Three, or five, and then you’ll be hooked! It won’t be long before you ask for another box set!”

So I went to my dorm and ordered pizza, while I waited, I decided to watch and hope for a laugh.

I sat and watched and wondered why, the first scenes were erotica not story at all. It’s probably just for ratings.

After two episodes, I got distracted.

Eating was more important

The pizza was delicious

After the third episode, I was downright uncomfortable.

According to the laws of the internet and Vamp from Metal Gear, at any moment someone will walk in

According to the laws of the internet and Vamp from Metal Gear, at any moment someone will walk in…

I managed my escape from the horrendous show, by playing dead in case Sarah Jessica Parker became the Ring girl.


The next day I went to my friends and returned the DVD.

“Did you like it???” They asked with hope in their voices.

“There’s video stores, there’s movies, and there’s books. But if you wish to continue lying to yourselves, just rely on one place where no one can judge you for watching, there’s always dear old HBO, or YouTube. Hell just type in on Google!”

I learned something that day as my friends pleaded me to torture myself through another two episodes.

Yes, we know Sex sells. But it can never replace character development, plot and have a better story for audiences. Sex is overused and often undermined now that we have to take it a bit ‘extreme’ to get it noticed. Or more importantly, people to watch.

‘Tis the end of my sad tale. About being lied to about series which discussed several issues.

Instead I got fooled into watching a porno with the dark lighting making it erotica and with dialogue making it a story.


Perfectionism: The common cold of the writing world

One the worst diseases in the writing world is the common cold   author perfectionism.

Knock knock, new chapter, knock knock, new chapter, knock knock rewrite

Knock knock, new chapter, knock knock, new chapter, knock knock rewrite new chapter

There’s a book I’m dying to write, but every time I get around to actually writing it… I end up re-writing the whole damn thing.

I, too, suffer from the crippling disease of author perfectionism. When you overcome it, a new strand of author perfectionism infects you. This is another reason I haven’t chained myself to my laptop to write Ladders Into the Grave properly.

Any antibiotics out there? As your quack author doctor, I prescribe one book for you. Read it daily and tell me how you feel after 90 days and I’ll prescribe you something else.


This is your fee for the prescription. Please fill it out on the way to book/kindle store.

Pretty please? Or else I’ll have to resort to the internet’s number one strategy!

Its low, its immoral but an effective tactic

Its low, its immoral but an effective tactic

Climbing the Publishing Ladder: Ideas for the future

Last week, I posted the first ‘Climbing the Publishing Ladder’ piece. After I finished writing it, I had some comments about the future of the publishing industry.

Everyone agrees that we have entered an era where both writers and distributors have more options for publishing books, regardless of their form. When I wrote last week’s post, the old drafts originally had a paragraph discussing nano fiction and the short story market.

Online magazines such as ClarkesworldLightspeed Magazine and many others provide amazing short stories for readers, especially those who would like to read more but don’t have the time to tackle long series (or books)!

So I can safely say, there are a diversity of options to transport you, the reader, to different worlds that have some long or short journeys. The question I asked last week was to print or not to print.

I have a suggestion which I fully intend to comment on in the future once I learn more about the publishing industry and share it with everyone here.

So, future writers could follow what Alexandre Dumas did when he wrote The Count of Monte Cristo. Chapters could be published weekly, serial form, to be bought directly or in magazines in e-book format. Think of it as your weekly Naruto chapter. When the story is complete, the whole e-book or printed book will available for readers.

I have some basis for this suggestion.

In my last week post, the podcast I linked also shared some perspectives from the hosts. I forgot who (sorry) mentioned they were contracted to write a novella in-between books for the fans. By releasing chapter by chapter, fans will have something to keep them going and…let’s face it, fans are not the most patient of people.



So instead of waiting years between books while publishers, agents and editors worry about their author’s particular brand, this might help. However, this also puts incredible pressure on the writer. Once you publish that chapter, no way can you go back and re-edit it.


So, here’s my alternative to the alternative. Authors can slowly move towards this approach. For example, say I have a book deal for a whole novel (I hope) which is say…60 chapters. For a little over sixty weeks (let’s forget the Christmas week, other holidays,  etc), my readers will be reading my first book series, while I’ll be working on the next installment. By the time the first installment is ‘finished’, give the fans a few weeks off (for dramatic effect), then begin releasing the next installment’s chapters.

Its just an idea. I’d like to look at the following issues first before building on it:

1. Current trends in publishing

2. Talk to other authors, readers, agents, editors and just about anyone interested about this idea

3. Stalk Watch the e-book sales figures

4. Consider the contract implications for the author and pricing strategies for chapters and complete books

5. Consider other changes such as advances from publishers

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